Family Law For Same-Sex Couples in Virginia

Stepparent Adoptions & Custody Issues for LGBT Families in Newport News

Now that marriage is available to gay and lesbian couples in Virginia, stepparent adoptions are also now a possibility for same-sex couples. Many LGBT families use donor insemination and/or surrogacy to have a child. Previously, these children would — for legal purposes — be the child of only one of the two parents. Since same-sex marriage was not possible, these couples were routinely denied that ability of the other parent to adopt their non-biological child. Thankfully, with the implementation of gay marriage, LGBT families can do a step-parent adoption and become a legally recognized parent to their child.  With experienced child custody attorneys, our firm can help same-sex couples with stepparent adoptions and other family law issues.

Gay Divorce for Couples on the Virginia Peninsula

Just as the law changed to make gay marriage legal, it also changed to make gay divorce legal for same-sex couples as well. While not promoted and celebrated as broadly as gay marriage, divorce also provides important rights for couples. The process for gay or lesbian couples wishing to divorce is really no different than for opposite-sex couples. The main difference is that you’ll want to find a divorce attorney that is experienced in complex divorce law, and who you will like working with. Like any Virginia Divorce, things might start out amicable and uncontested. If it remains that way throughout the process, then your divorce will be relatively straightforward and not too expensive. However, you can never be sure that an uncontested divorce will remain uncontested. So it pays to hire a divorce attorney who is ready for the fight — just in case a fight is needed. Let us help with your same-sex divorce, contact us today.

Family Law Attorney Serving Same-Sex Couples in Newport News, Hampton, and throughout the Virginia Peninsula

At Wright Law, we want to assist families of all kinds in accomplishing their goals through the law and courts. We serve gay and lesbian clients in Newport News, Hampton, Yorktown, and Williamsburg with any same-sex family law issue. Contact Us for a free telephone consultation. After we talk with you either in-person or by phone, we can give you an idea of the cost of hiring our family law firm to assist with your legal issues.