For some clients, custody of the children is the single most important issue. While some attorneys guide their clients to focus on the financial aspects of a divorce, sometimes the issue that deserves the most attention is the children. If you are facing a battle, hire an attorney who understands that kids matter. Custody disputes need someone who fights to protect your children. When you know a dispute is on the horizon, there are a few things you should do to win your custody case.

Custody and Visitation in Virginia

virginia-custody-attorneyThere are two basic types of custody. First, legal custody determines who has the power to make major decisions for the children’s lives such as decisions regarding medical care, religious upbringing, and educational decisions. The second type is physical custody, which is who has physical access to the child, and makes day-to-day decisions for the child. Either or both of these types can be joint, meaning parents must work together.

We also must consider visitation. A parent can have regular visitation with his or her children. The court has the power to set the terms of this visitation — such as when and where it is to occur, how long it is, and whether visits must be supervised by some neutral third-party.

Contested Custody Lawyer

The law presumes that children should be co-parented equally, and in many cases that is the right result. But your case may not be like the many. Your situation is unique. You may know that your situation is worth the fight for you and your children. To get sole custody you will have to prove that it’s best for your child. Many parents take on this battle alone, and quickly discover they’re not equipped to win.

The battle is not merely a fight with your ex, it is also a fight against what the Commonwealth of Virginia presumes. Parent’s think they can just “tell the judge” the truth about the other person, and that will be enough. Think again. The judge, the law, and your ex will all be working against you if you are trying to do this. The only way you can do it is with the facts of your situation, and an excellent custody lawyer, both working to present those facts to the Court.

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