Family Law Attorney

What is A Family Law Attorney? A lawyer who represents people in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts of Virginia on matters related to divorce, adoption, custody or visitation of children, child support, and even some juvenile delinquency problems may be referred to as a Family Law Attorney.  Many lawyers who practice family law in


Divorce After the Cheating Spouse

My Spouse Cheated, and I Want A Divorce Recent news of a hack at web site revealed thousands of names and email addresses for married people who were seeking to have an affair, or who were actively cheating on their spouses. Shocked spouses nationwide checked the lists only to discover their partner had been


Military Divorce Attorney

A divorce when either spouse, or both spouses, are in the military has some special circumstances for you and your lawyer to discuss. Active duty service can complicate divorce issues, including causing difficulty locating your spouse, and additional delays in the court proceedings. Divorce and the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act The Servicemembers Civil Relief Act


Reframing Your Divorce to Take Control

Independent Family Law Representation Too many people wait too long to call our office. Many quietly suffer through their divorce or custody disputes, allowing the other party to have all the power in their favor. Your ex may have hired an attorney, and he and his attorney would probably prefer that you just sign what