The Family Lawyer Who Fights For You

The divorce may not have been your first choice, but your outcome depends on what you do next. As experienced family law attorneys working in Newport News, Hampton, and throughout the Virginia Peninsula, we are prepared for your case. Whether you need an uncontested no-fault divorce, someone to fight the custody battle at trial, or you're headed for a major divorce dispute, we are prepared to fight for you and your children.

Proactive Divorce Lawyer

Whether your spouse served you with a divorce, or you need to serve your spouse with one, it pays to take immediate action. Sometimes it's difficult to make a decision, and things feel uncertain, and that's ok. But don't let those feelings prevent you from doing what is right for you and your kids. Be proactive in your divorce.

Dedicated Child Custody Lawyer

For many clients, custody of children is the primary concern above all else. We understand prioritizing custody, and can work with you to achieve the result you desire. But it is critical not to wait. As soon as you realize a custody issue is brewing, you must take immediate action to protect your children.

Regain Control of Your Life

Family law issues can leave you feeling uncertain about the future. A proactive family law attorney will drive your case forward, putting you back in control of your life and your family. Even if the divorce wasn't your choice, you can still act to protect yourself and your family. We can help you regain your sense of security in your own life.